The Casual Tee

DSC07590 - Version 2 DSC07614 - Version 2 DSC07617 DSC07629 DSC07638 - Version 2 DSC07657Street Vendor Hat, Vendor Shirt, Nordstrom Blazer, Forever 21 Pants, ASOS shoes

I’ve never considered myself a T shirt and jeans kind of girl, but I’ve still yearned for a way to pull off the look tastefully. Offsetting a basic graphic shirt with some leather pants and structured hat did just the trick. Plus a pair of dark lips are always a safe bet for me.


Grease Lightning

DSC06881 DSC06887 DSC06895 DSC06917 DSC06919 DSC06940 - Version 2Top Shop pants, Urban Outfitters Sunglasses, Thrifted Shirt, ASOS Boots,  Nordstrom Jacket

Tartan will always have a special place in my heart. When I found these marvellous pants at Top Shop my first day here,  I knew it was meant to be. They’re an easy way to make any outfit feel “oh so London”. In this case, they put a brit twist to Sandy’s dangerous Greece look.

Let’s go to Paris


H&M Hat, Thrifted pants, H&M Shirt, Forever 21 socks, ASOS boots, L aqa & Co Lipstick

For years, I shied away from hats, thinking I needed some fabulous occasion to wear them out.  But after investing in this wide-brimmed when I first arrived in London I’ve realized how very very wrong I was. Hats are the perfect staple for every closet.  They void a need for accessories and put an unmistakeable flair to your outfit.  They’re kind of like stilettos for your head; if you can own ’em, you feel on top of the world

The Smock

DSC06773DSC06778DSC06777 DSC06781DSC06787

Vintage Shirt, H&M Necklace, ASOS Shoes, Primark Tights

Though trends can be hard to follow, one English staple look will always be an oversized top. Whether it’s a wool coat or a vintage button down, an oversized top is an effortless way to feel put together and bold. Most people shy away from oversized tops for fear of looking “boxy” or shapeless. But paired with slick tights, it’s an easy way to balance the look by bringing shape back into the ensemble.
If you’re in the market for a smock, check out your local thrift store. I got mine in town for just $7 and it’s one of the comfiest pieces I own.

Valentine’s Gift Guide

ValentinesDayGiftValentine’s Day, a day people seem to have a love-hate relationship with. But whether it’s a significant other or just a friend, everyone deserves to feel special on Valentine’s Day! Here are a few gift ideas for anyone looking for a new way to tell someone you love them.

1) Dana’s Macarons—These scrumptious goodies are the closest thing to a Parisian Valentine’s day you can find.

2) Blanket—Never underestimate the power of a cozy blanket. It’ll feel like you’re still snuggling together even when you’re not.

3) Diptyque Candle—A nice candle is a lovely gesture. It says “I love you so much I want you to feel sophisticated by owning a luxury candle”. It may sound silly but to me, candles are like longer-lasting flowers.

4) Tartine Cook Book—If cheesy gifts aren’t your thing, a cookbook is a charming gift for any foodie.

5) Hotel Chocolat Truffles– These delightful truffles are a nice gesture for anyone on a budget. And the adorable heart tin already takes care of the wrap job! Easy peasy!

6) Fruute Cooke Basket– These famous cookie bags are the most foolproof gift ever! I mean come on, who doesn’t like cookies?

7) Flowers are ALWAYS the way to a smile