Day 45

Day 45: Home sweet home! Although I never got any bug bites, my roommates and I still took the precautions of disinfecting EVERYTHING we brought with us once we got home. 2 hours and multiple burn wounds later (kidding), we were finally rid of the hostel nightmare!


For more pictures from Scotland check out my new travel post!

Day 18

Day 18: I swear I’ll bring a camera into the city tomorrow so you’ll get a break from all these outfit posts. But the in-room photo still feels appropriate since I was stuck inside researching internships and doing homework all day (booo). Apparently they actually mean it when they say Study Abroad

One cool thing was waking up to true London fog this morning. It was so thick I could hardly see out my window!

Day 11

Day 11: First day of school! The scheduling Gods adorned me with the gift of Tuesday afternoon classes this term. I’m normally a morning person but the change was such a great way to start my week! I left my Advertisement class so pumped for our class project. Oh no, my nerdiness is beginning to show…

But really, when you find sunflowers and a Happy mural, how can you not be in a great mood?