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The Power of Journaling

I’ve always hated the idea of keeping a journal. After a long day, it seemed like I was just adding a useless task on my never-ending to-do list. But lately I’ve realized how beneficial journaling can feel. At first I only turned to journaling it as a stress coping method, but it’s more of a way to problem solve and self reflect. It’s like a new friend but one you never have to worry about talking about that boy too.journal

Journaling can…

-Help reduce stress

-Be something you look back on years later and see the old you

-It encourages deep self-reflection (like you wouldn’t believe)

-Can help you find clarity in problems, and ultimately make you a better problem solver

-Be more organized, both mentally and physically

Every time after I journal I just feel better. No matter what I write down, it always feels so freeing to get it off my chest and out in the open. It’s kind of like working out; it takes some getting used to but you never regret it later on.

Here are some easy rules to get you started:

-You don’t have to journal everyday! Do it when you can. I only journal about twice a week, and I still feel the benefits from it. It you have 5 minutes, write three bullet points and call it day! Every little entry helps.

-You do NOT have to handwrite! I use the app Diary on my mac and I love it! Plus, you can sync it with your phone so you can sync entries on all your devices.

-DO add pictures, this is a great way to capture what you’re writing about and capture the memories.

-Talk about anything and everything, your journal is only as good as your honesty.

-Make a commitment to it and reap the benefits!

Happy Journaling!


By Contributing Author Kenzie Bosmeny