Visiting Croatia’s been on my bucket list for some time now, and saw my Spring Break as the perfect chance to experience it. When my friend Joe shared the same interest, we booked our tickets and the rest was history. When I arrived in Split I didn’t know what to expect. Though April is the start of spring weather, the country’s high season doesn’t pick up until May. Nonetheless, the unique Dalmatian landscape of caves, mountains, beaches and cities offered plenty to do!DSC08621DSC08507DSC08607IMG_8186

We spent our first few days island hopping on Brac and Hvar where the pebble beaches met the stunning turquoise water of the Adriatic Sea. We met some Spanish travelers and a group of friends on both rides who made great company both days. Besides our new friends, very few visitors (and restaurants) were around so we made the most of the wonderful weather and lounged on the beach.DSC08521 DSC08539IMG_8210 DSC08548

Joe and I rented a car in the early morning so we could drive to Plitvice National Park. Despite the weather in Split, as we drove through the mountains it started to snow. We were so scared we wouldn’t survive the 6-mile hike in our ill prepared shorts and T-shirts. Luckily, the snow stopped once we arrived and we were able to enjoy the stunning waterfalls.DSC08639DSC08802DSC08725DSC08686 - Version 2DSC08798The Croatian people were incredible too. When I pictured Eastern Europe I imagined very traditional society filled with foreign lingo and few tourists. Boy was I wrong to judge! Everyone I met genuinely wanted to help me enjoy their country to the fullest.

DSC08557DSC08573DSC08582 - Version 2

On our last day we headed south to Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik’s tourist industry has exploded since becoming a major filming spot for Game of Thrones. The city’s old town is encased in a thick wall that allows visitors to walk around they city and get a unique perspective on the town. Though we were only there for a day it was easy to see it’s charm. DSC08886DSC08851DSC08844DSC08867

Overall, Croatia was a huge success. I met some incredible people and was reminded once again how great the power of travel is.


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