Travelling to Dublin for St. Patricks day’s been on my bucket list and my semester abroad seemed like the perfect chance to make it happen!

4 of my flatmates (+1 boyfriend) headed to Dublin last Thursday for a week of Irish festivities! We stayed in Tara Towers, a quaint hotel on the outskirts of town with a beautiful ocean view. It was a little out of town but the buses were easy to navigate so it didn’t stop us.

We had an early start on Friday as we headed to the Cliffs of Moher. It was about a three hour bus ride filled with mini-stops to explore a range of Ireland. One of the best parts of the day was stopping for lunch in Doolin  for some incredibly delicious and authentic Irish food and beer. The cliffs were just beautiful. Even though some heavy fog had just rolled in, their majestic essence was not lost. Plus my friends and I had wayyy to much fun seeing who would go closest to the edge (sorry mom).



The next few days of the trip were filled with lots of lots of city exploring! The Dublin music scene is huge! Along with the loads of incredible street performers, there were also several jazz festivals going through the weekend. Needless to say our favourite thing was to explore the pubs and listen to different music. 


As you can imagine, the Irish LOVE St. Patricks day! In the days leading up to Monday, people were doning green garb from head-to-toe. The streets were packed at all hours of the day. I was shocked by how many people I

ran into! A lot of other study abroad students make the treck for the holiday so it common to run into old mates on the street.


On St. Patrick’s day we had an early start so we could snag a good spot for the parade. The theme was “Let’s Make History”, honoring former High King of Ireland, Brian Boru. Floats were filled with patron’s takes on country folk tales, legends and historical figures. My favourite part of the day was meeting Nancy, a little old lady who was keen on us learning irish river dancing to meet a nice lad. At one point in the night she even rounded up dance partners for us so we could practice!

DSC07272 - Version 2 DSC07331Image

All in all my trip to the Emerald Isle was the trip of a lifetime!


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