Quinoa and Grape On-the-Go Wrap

If you’re like me, you have every intention of making healthy meals but sometimes when things get busy, quality meals get pushed to the end of the list. So this week I wanted to make a healthy meal that was quick, easy and guilt free. I found the recipe on the Free People food blog and gave it a shot.

Shopping List:

Lettuce wraps/ tortillas
1 ½ c Cooked Quinoa
1 c Grape Halves (preferably red firm grapes)
1 c Cooked Chickpeas (I bought a can of garbanzo beans and those worked great!)
1/8 c Chopped Mint
1/8 c Chopped Fresh Oregano
½ c Chopped Parsley
¼ c Feta Cheese
Juice from 1/2 Lemon
2 tbsp. Olive oil
Salt and Pepper (optional)

Yummy quoina ready for wrapping

Quinoa before

Step 1: Cook your Quinoa. This was my first time cooking quinoa, and much easier than I expected. Add two cups of water for every cup of quinoa to a saucepan, and place on low-medium heat. Once boiling, reduce the heat, and cover. Allow the quinoa to absorb any extra water. Once all the water has been absorbed, let it cool and savor the delicious aromas of your fresh quinoa.

Bowl of unmixed goodiesA mix of goodies



Step 2: While the quinoa is cooling, chop up your herbs and grapes. Throw the grapes, chickpeas, mint, oregano, parsley, cheese and quinoa in a big bowl and mix together.


Step 3: Mix in the olive oil, and lemon juice. A whole lemon was a little too zesty for me so I recommend tasting as you go.   

The final product!

Step 4: Final step (Woah only four steps? This is so easy!) Place you beautiful mixture in your tortilla or lettuce wrap. Roll it up and enjoy!

By contributing writer Kenzie Bosmeny

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