Hot Air Balloon Festival

Each October, Albuquerque, New Mexico hosts the largest hot air festival over 750 balloons from around the world. It’s always been on my bucket list so this year my friends and I decided to go for it. After a weary drive through the night, we arrived just in time to watch the mass ascension at sunrise. By 9 am the sky was filled with balloons, decorating the sky vibrant designs and colors. Once the balloons floated away we were able to grab a nap before heading back over to the grounds for the Night Glow events. This time, all balloons stayed grounded while the pilots illuminated the night with their propane burners. Our trip came to a close with triumphant fireworks and some well deserved cocoa.

DSC02145DSC02157DSC02280 DSC02312 DSC02557 DSC02422 DSC02523DSC02659 DSC02696 DSC02779


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