Month: January 2014

Day 16

Day 16: I finally bought a purse big enough to carry my camera around, so I spent the day shooting around the city. I ventured to Spitalfields market where I shopped and tasted my first “honey puff” (Warning: they’re not as tasty as they look). I picked up some warm scones and headed to a friend’s flat for some tea and crumpets. A glorious Sunday in Londontown indeed

Day 13

Day 13: For those of you who don’t know, England has crazy hours and gets light until 8 am and is dark by 4 (I don’t know either). So having to wake up at 7 for a 9 am class feels wayyyyy earlier than it really is. Turns out, it was well worth it because my Art & Society class is the bomb digity, After a lecture each week we go to a new museum in London to discuss art and artifacts. Today’s tour featured the Rosetta Stone and mummies (!!!!!) at the British Musuem. Cheerio

Day 12

Day 12: Nothing like a tea party at Harrods to get you through the week.. Although the event was breathtaking, the scones could never replace my Grandma’s infamous pastries (snobby tea drinker here). All in all, It was a great way to experience the store and gave me an excuse try a high collar and neon lips. Pinkies up!

Afterwards, I rushed over to my Web Development class where I will hopefully learn to create my own blog site! (wish me luck)

Day 11

Day 11: First day of school! The scheduling Gods adorned me with the gift of Tuesday afternoon classes this term. I’m normally a morning person but the change was such a great way to start my week! I left my Advertisement class so pumped for our class project. Oh no, my nerdiness is beginning to show…

But really, when you find sunflowers and a Happy mural, how can you not be in a great mood?

Day 9

Day 9: After a wonderful run, I spent my morning catching up on things I’ve been neglecting back home (believe me there was alot). Later, my roommates and I ventured to Tower Hill for a tour with out SA program. The tower is home to England’s crowned jewels and loooooads of creepy stories. Now I all can’t help but look for ghosts every time I’m in the area.

Day 8

Day 8: I started my Saturday off with a run (what?) over Tower Bridge. It felt so refreshing to explore my neighborhood without all the afternoon traffic crowding the streets. Afterwards, my roommates and I grabbed some afternoon tea in the port. The highlight of the day was cooking a scrumptious dinner of cauliflower rice and veggies with new friends!