Month: January 2014

Day 20

Day 20: While abroad I’m challenging myself to 1) Master my Adobe Creative Suite and 2) finally start a (real) blog. So I set out to Shoreditch, a super trendy borough known for it’s unique street art for some inspiration. Hopefully the 100+ photos I shot will keep me busy on photoshop for a while! Overall, it was a wonderful afternoon with friends filled with adventure, photos and lots of delicious tea.

And don’t worry, Goal #2 is well underway too! Stay tuned 😉


Day 19

Day 19: My Art & Society class ventured to St. Paul’s cathedral today. I wish I could have taken photos inside the church because it’s integration of modern and classical elements was  breathtaking. It’s turning out to be one of my favorite classes as we continue to explore and discuss London’s wonderful artifacts.

Day 18

Day 18: I swear I’ll bring a camera into the city tomorrow so you’ll get a break from all these outfit posts. But the in-room photo still feels appropriate since I was stuck inside researching internships and doing homework all day (booo). Apparently they actually mean it when they say Study Abroad

One cool thing was waking up to true London fog this morning. It was so thick I could hardly see out my window!

Day 16

Day 16: I finally bought a purse big enough to carry my camera around, so I spent the day shooting around the city. I ventured to Spitalfields market where I shopped and tasted my first “honey puff” (Warning: they’re not as tasty as they look). I picked up some warm scones and headed to a friend’s flat for some tea and crumpets. A glorious Sunday in Londontown indeed