Chia Seed Pudding

While living in the dorms, my favorite thing from home was my mom’s infamous Chia Seed Pudding care package. She would pre-measure  the ingredients into a little box so all I had to do was buy some milk and viola!

Chia seed pudding is great, healthy alternative to regular pudding. The pudding has a tapioca-like texture but with a more versatile flavor that makes it perfect for any occasion. You can garnish it with chocolate and fruits to make a dessert or throw some granola and raisins in for a mid-morning snack. Sky’s the limit!



2 Tablespoons chia seeds

2/3 Cup of milk (I used almond milk, but any kind will work)

¼ teaspoon vanilla

A pinch of salt

½ teaspoon cinnamon

1 teaspoon honey

*If you want a chocolate flavor, add 1 tablespoon cocoa powder)

In a small bowl combine the first five ingredients. Mix well and refrigerate for at least an hour. When you’re ready to serve, mix in the honey to your liking.

Now for the fun part. Once you’ve created the pudding you can garnish it with whatever your heart desires!

A few of my favorites: Nuts, fruit, coconut, raisins, ginger, pomegranate seeds, granola, chocolate shavings