Month: April 2014

Day 101

Today, Joe and I took a long drive to Plitvička National Park. Famous for miles of cascading waterfalls and crystal clear lakes, the experience was unforgettable. We ran into a snow storm on our drive up (what?!?) so we ended up jogging a good portion of the 6 mile hike to keep warm! But the views made the day all worthwhile 🙂



Within  hours of arriving home from Denmark, I jumped on a train to Brighton for a day trip with friends. They call Brighton the “San Francisco of the UK for its hilly roads and beaches. The weather was sunny, beautiful and I loved every second of it. Once I arrived we grabbed some food, we headed to the pier for carnival games and rides. Coming from Arizona, I hardly get the chance to play on piers so I was like a kid at a carnival. Afterwards we walked around town, and soaked up rays in the park with some beautiful tulips. The day ended with some delicious cocktails and Hors d’oeuvres before heading home. DSC08323DSC08347 DSC08337DSC08352DSC08374DSC08334